Choppies being a homegrown Brand has mandated itself to being a Corporate Social Responsibility player of repute.




Choppies stresses collaborative, consultative and partnership based approaches in our community development programs and therefore Choppies integrates community development consideration into decision-making and business practices, and assists in local capacity building to develop mutually beneficial relationships with communities.
Choppies will contribute to our host communities’ quality of life by supporting innovative programs in health, education, social services, and the environment as well as cultural and public projects.
Choppies will strive to provide employment and economic opportunities in the communities where we operate.





Choppies is committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and corporate governance practices in order to maintain excellence in its daily operations, and to promote confidence in our governing systems.
Choppies recognises the importance of protecting all of our human, financial, physical, social, and environmental assets and thus commits to conducting business in an open, honest, and ethical manner.





Choppies is committed to protecting the health and safety of all individuals affected by our activities including our employees and the public. Choppies will provide a safe and a healthy working environment, and will not compromise the health and safety of any individual. Choppies recognises that pollution prevention, biodiversity and resource conservation are key to sustainable environment, and will effectively integrate these concepts into our decision making.





Choppies recognises that its employees are its most valuable resource and strives to ensure that all employees are treated fairly and with dignity. Choppies will apply fair labour practices, while respecting the relevant laws of Botswana.




Amongst the many socially responsible initiatives that we are involved in, the most prominent is Empowerment of People living with Disabilities (PWD’s). Choppies is one of the biggest employers of PWD’s in Botswana, having been awarded The Presidential Meritorious Award in honour of exceptional service in the year 2012.


As of January 2015 Choppies employs 123 People living With Disabilities Botswana over, with an average of 2 people per store. Moreover, our staff is of different forms of disability due to the confidence we have in empowering people from all walks of life.



It is through such commendable efforts that we have found a permanent seat in the National Coordinating Committee of the Disabled established through an act of The Office of the President.


Choppies will continue to foster endeavors that nurture the needs of PWD’s. We support a majority of Societies that cater for issues of the disabled. Our vision is to have a self reliant PWD labour force by the year 2016.It’s also important to note that we are fully involved in The International Day of People Living with Disabilities which we have financed with over P60 000 to date.


In promoting the wellbeing of the environment in which we operate, we have found it fit to restore and conserve the vegetation through sponsoring organisations that promote the livelihood of vegetation species, one in particular being WENAenvironmental trust. In fostering the wellbeing of the animal species especially endangered, we will continue to support the Kalahari conservation Society.


Actively promoting health and wellness; Choppies has over the years promoted good health in the communities we operate in as we donate amongst others wheelchairs to those in need, donate towards life threatening surgeries for individuals and directly donate food stuffs to underprivileged communities in which we operate in, every time we open a new store. We are also an active partner of the Cancer Association Botswanawith 2015 being the 5th year running.


Another noble involvement of note is the periodical donations we make towards the Anti Tobacco Network (ANT), Zoological Garden of Botswana for Anti venom, Botswana Substance Abuse Support and Network BOSASNET as well as safe homes/ shelters like Childline, SOS, Masiela, Kagisano Society– women’s shelter project as well as bigger NGO’s such as Sir Ketumile Masire Foundation and lady Khama Foundation which fund smaller charities, foundations and shelters for vulnerable groups.

• Donating to National Security Forces; one of our long term commitments is to donate to Boys at theBorder (BDF), an initiative that has been running consecutively for the fifth year this year (2014).

Moreover, we make monetary donations to projects initiated by Botswana Police Services, Botswana Prison Services as well as Botswana Fire Department because we understand their remarkable role in the community and the country at large.





At Choppies, it goes without saying how pivotal we deem education and skills sharing are for the betterment of Batswana. Therefore, we have found it imperative to sponsor where possible, UB LawSociety, UB Faculty of Business as well as The newly launched Choppies A Re Ithuteng Book drive whereby we seek book donations from the general public in our stores to refurbish and ultimately donate them to schools Botswana over. Moreover, in nurturing education in our societies we are actively involved in funding Youth Empowerment societies. Such societies include, AISEC, JCI (Junior Chambers International) and YES (Youth Empowerment Society).



Choppies participation in National Sporting activities, National Charitable initiatives as well as National talent search competitions is an integral part of our framework. In 2015 Choppies became the Platinum sponsor for the 2nd African Youth Games. As part of unearthing talent, Choppies has invested in a Botswana talent show titled My Star. Our partnership has been running since 2013. Another noble initiative that we pride ourselves in being a part of is the Kabelano Charity cup. This is a soccer spectacle that draws out the top four teams from the Botswana Premier league to battle it out all in the name of Charity. Proceeds from Kabelano Charity cup go towards charity.

Choppies has a lifetime commitment to making the lives of marginalized groups better. In our efforts, we are an active stakeholder in homes, associations and charities such as SOS, Masiela Trust Fund and Lady Khama Charitable Trust, Botswana Council for the Disabled, Botswana society for the Deaf, Office of the President as well as various Village Development Committees and Municipalities.


Choppies is a firm believer in upholding values and principles that are in line with the country’s development goals as envisaged by the pledge we have made towards The Presidential Housing Initiative, of which we have pledged 150 houses with 29 houses already completed.

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